Relational Database Design [RDBMS] Assessment


Relational Database Design [RDBMS] Assessment


Relational Database Management Systems are the main component of modern information storage and retrieval. There are many different computer programs that allow you to create and use Relational Databases, however they all use the same principles of design as a foundation. This test measures skill in theoretical design, rather than the code-based implementation.

Tests for Relational Database Design Entry Level and Oracle Designer 2000 are also available.


Total Questions 30
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Logical Design
Physical Design
Relational Database Concepts
Tasks Tested Relationships Diagrams
ERD- Implementation
Super/Sub Types
Index Use
Null Primary Key
Arc Relationships
Cascading Delete
Query performance
Index Function
Unique Primary Key
Foreign Key
Null Unique Key
Primary Key
Compound Key
De-Normalization Use
Index Effectiveness
Cascading Update
Physical Design
Database Trigger
Database Views
Referential Integrity
Database Trigger Use
Stored Procedures
Outer Joins
Cartesian Products