Project Management Fundamentals Assessment


Project Management Fundamentals Assessment

Skills Assessment

This test is designed to assess the skill level of a Project Manager. Most of the questions are oriented toward generic project management. The test includes question of advanced level such as a Project Management Professional (PMP), an intermediate level such as a person with some PMP training, as well as basic level questions. The areas covered by the test are project startup, scope planning, schedule planning, budget planning, staffing and HR, project execution, and leadership.

Tests for Project Management for IT Professionals and Software Quality Assurance are also available.


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Total Questions 48
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Project Startup
Scheduling/Time Planning
Tasks Tested Requirements Planning
Requirements Documentation and Planning
Project Startup
Assigning Authority
Project Startup Priority
Gantt Charts
Network Diagram
Using Bar Charts
Milestone Chart
Baselining the Schedule
Critical Path
Interpreting Late Start Dates
Interpreting Early Start Dates
Changing the Baseline
Negative Float
Project Plan
Verify Task Assignments
Developing Plans
Controlling Changes
Reporting Problems
Methods for Communications with the Team
Managing Outstanding Issues
Controlling Quality
Change Control Committee Makeup
Controlling the Project
Approving Changes
Updating the Schedule
Conducting a Product Review
Assigning Tasks
Controlling Unsolicited Changes
Dealing with Conflict
Sources of Conflict
Motivating Techniques
Assigning Critical Tasks
Motivating the Team
Improving the Team
Leadership Objectives
Selecting Leadership Style
Leadership Activities
Using Different Leadership Styles
Motivation Methods