General Maintenance Assessment


General Maintenance Assessment

Skills Assessment

The General Maintenance test is based on four different areas of knowledge; plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and general maintenance problems (for example, changing light fixtures). The questions are composed of some of the most common tasks in these fields. This test is appropriate to administer to those functioning in a general maintenance capacity.

Assessments for Safety in the Workplace and Plumbing Quality are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 46
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Plumbing
Tasks Tested Leaking Toilet
Checking a Running Toilet
PVC Pipefitting
Sulphuric Acid
Cast Iron Toilet Flange
Soldering a Pipe
Pipe Flux
Pipefitting Paste
Torch Usage
Sealing Washer Supply Hose
Wood Surroundings
Pilot Hole
Tool to Cut Angles
Spackling a Dry Wall
High-Pressure Sodium and Mercury Vapor Bulb
Sealing Refrigeration Lines
Checking Gas Leak
Light Fixture
Bulb Wattage
Discharge Hose
Gas Stove
Overhead Leak
Garbage Disposal
Evaporation Pan
Kitchen Sink Trap Standard Size
Refrigerator Door Gasket
Squeaking Door Hinge
Cleanable Paint
Sink Filling with Water
Copper Flare Joints
Sealing Ceramic Tiles
12-2 Wire
Thermal Wire
Wire Nuts
Electrical Outlet
110 Volt Wire
Wire Fish
Electric Receptacle
Light Bulb