C++ Programming Assessment


C++ Programming Assessment


This C++ Programming test is designed to assess a test taker's knowledge and understanding of core C++ concepts. The assessment focuses on a number of topics including the evaluation of C++ syntax and code, program structure, C++ operators and keywords, and C++ object-oriented programming. This assessment is appropriate for test takers with a year or more experience working with and coding C++.

Assessments for C Programming and .NET Programming - C# are also available.


Total Questions 41
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Program Structure
C++ Operators and Keywords
C++ Syntax and Code
C++ Object-Oriented Programming
Tasks Tested Header for String Functionality
Multiple Functions with the Same Name
Preprocessor Directive
Variable from a Different File
File Input and Output
Mandatory Function
Read-Only File
Loop Types
Function Overloading
Block Scope
Data Type
Three Operands
Trap or Catch Interrupts
Dynamic Memory
Passing Arguments to Functions
Aggregate Data Type
Bitwise Operators
Control Flow
Enumerated Data Type
Relational Operators
C++ Keywords
No Value Returned
Delete an Array
Allocate an Integer Array
Determine Larger Number
Throwing an Exception
Append String
Declare an Array
Size of X
Header Files
Null Terminated Strings
Class Inheritance
Class Members