Talevation Online

Providing access to proven assessments has never been easier.  Talevation Online provides access to hundreds of assessments so that you can immediately assess a candidate or self-assess yourself.

  • Quickly create and manage assessments

    After checkout, visit the Talevation Online application to create and manage purchased assessments.

  • Track status and view results

    Track candidate progress, receive notifications on assessment completion, and view assessment results.

  • Downloadable reports

    Download PDF reports that contain assessment results, question-level details, and additional content based on test type.


How do you track purchases?

What if someone else in my company needs assessments?

What if I ordered the wrong assessments or amount?

Can I get a receipt?

What if I don't see the Create Assessment button?

Can I email candidates links to assessments?

What do I do if a candidate fails to complete the session?

Where are the results?

How do I provide others access to results?

What happens if I believe an incorrect answer is actually correct?