Cognitive Ability

Reveal reasoning, logic, and ability to work with information to predict the potential for success.


Evaluate strengths and job readiness by measuring specific knowledge and capabilities.


Identify employees who are well matched to their jobs and have the behaviors to succeed.


Measure only what matters most to predict on-the-job success and drive business results.


Evaluate the ability to solve complex problems, make decisions, and use sound reasoning.

  • Skills Assessments

    Measure specific skills and knowledge areas to understand candidates’ individual strengths and weaknesses and assess job readiness.

  • Simulations

    Interactive job-specific simulations place job applicants in realistic settings to objectively evaluate their skills.

  • Abilities Assessments

    Ability assessments can be used to find the best people to fill vacancies and develop your existing workforce, helping employees achieve their highest potential.


Measure characteristics that predict performance and future potential in a specific job.

  • Motivation Questionnaire

    Measures dimensions of motivation and provides a comprehensive profile of the motivational factors that affect an individual’s work performance.

  • Occupational Personality Questionnaire

    One of the most well-accepted personality tests for use in the workplace It helps organizations understand how aspects of an individual’s behavioral style will affect his or her performance at work.


Identify people with the potential to succeed in a role.

  • Universal Competency Framework

    Provides a rational, consistent, and practical basis for understanding people’s behaviors at work and their likelihood of succeeding in certain roles and environments.

  • Situational Judgment Tests

    Measures behavioral fit to a given role by assessing the candidate’s judgment of the most appropriate action in workplace situations.

  • Realistic Job and Culture Previews

    Provides candidates with an inside view of what it would be like to work in a particular role and for a particular company.


Provide engaging assessments for immediate selection decision impact for specific job roles.

  • Sales & Manager

    Identify candidates, with sales aptitude tests, who will succeed in professional roles and who possess the skills to lead and motivate others.

  • Contact Center & Office

    Find candidates with the highest potential to provide exceptional customer service quickly and thoroughly.

  • Industrial & Work Safety

    Identify top candidates for production, manufacturing, and safety-oriented roles to deliver high-quality and reliable work.